Saturday, February 13, 2010

We're Newbies With New Bees

May 16, 2009
Our package bees arrive.
Each package contains approximately 10,000 bees. We are feeling excited and slightly nervous about what is next. Installing the bees into their hives. You can watch as many videos, see live demonstrations, and read as many books as you like about the proper way of doing this, but let's face it, actually doing it yourself is just a little bit different.
After removing the cage with the queen inside and attaching the cage to a frame, it's time to install the remaining 9,996 bees....tapping the entire cage down, sending the bees to the bottom, removing the feeding can and QUICKLY flipping the package over the hole in the top cover the of the hive. Now the bees should come out of the package and go into the hive by themselves.
NOTE I said should....

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