Saturday, February 13, 2010

Busy As A Bee

August 5, 2009
The phrase, "Busy as a Bee", is an understatement. In just a few short months these girls, (yes, all worker bees are female), have been extremely buzy....the population in each hive has gone from 10,000 to approximately 60,000...making inspections all the more fun! (Gotta love our smoker).
The bees have filled the hives with pollen stores, brood (new bees) and an ample supply of honey.
In one of the pictures you can see the bees making a "bee ladder" - quite amazing!
Time for us to get our "supers" on and start collecting the honey for us!
Our job of feeding has ended. (Never feed your bees once you have put supers on - they will make a "sugar/water honey" and not a pure honey)

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