Saturday, February 13, 2010

Honey Makes The World Go Round

September 8, 2009
Being newbies, we weren't quite sure what to expect out of our first Fall harvest. Many beekeepers in our area reported having a poor honey yield. I guess we were an exception, our first harvest produced about 125 lbs. of delicious, nutritious golden honey. In fact, we ran out of honey jars. We also only extracted frames that were completely capped and gave back to the bees many frames that were partially honey filled. We were thrilled to say the least and very proud of our "girls". We also came to really appreciate and value the bees as vital beings. (The BEE MOVIE is right when it showed the bees getting very upset at humans for stealing all their hard work!)
Needless to say, pure honey is by far much better than store bought honey. Anyone who hasn't tasted pure honey will be pleasantly surprised....and will never buy anything but pure honey again.
One of the reasons is that pure honey is not heated (therefore it will crystallize over a long period of time) but it will also not loose any of the health benefits that your store bought honey does.
Research benefits of eating pure honey and I am sure you will be amazed at all the different things honey can do for your body!

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