Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bees NOT Beehaving!

After installing the bees we waited a few days for them to release themselves. One package of bees did exactly as it should, and we removed an empty package box. These bees were becoming aquainted with their new home.
The other package of bees....did not. These bees decided to begin making combs inside of the package box and not move into their new, roomy hive.
We made a quick 911 call to an experienced beekeeper and were told to go out and physically shake the bees out. RIGHT!
Trying not to stress or aggravate the poor young bees, we gave a few quick shakes and decided to leave the package of bees in front of the hive entrance and hope for the best. The bees didn't let us down and before the end of the day, most of the bees had found their new home. What a relief. Now it was time to sit and wait about a week before bothering them again. Let the bees do their job of releasing the caged queen and begin to build out the frames. Our job was to FEED, FEED, FEED the bees a solution of 50% sugar, 50% water - food they would need to get to work!

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