Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Few Weeks Later....

June 6, 2009
We are starting to feel a little more at ease with our new bees.
It's very exciting when we inspect the hives and look at all the hard work these little creatures have been doing. just a few short weeks they have accomplished quite a bit. The Queen has begun to lay her eggs (up to 2,500 a day), the worker bees have been very busy building wax foundation, feeding the young, and keeping the hive nice and tidy. While the foragers have been flying back and forth from the hive collecting pollen and nectar from available sources.
You can see our beloved Queen in a picture above. She is the one with the blue dot.
Her ONLY job is to lay eggs. She does absolutely no work and has her own "court" of bees to take care of her. They feed her and clean her. Without her you would have not hive as she is the only bee that lays eggs.
Our job....FEED, FEED, FEED!

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